Monthly Archives: June 2015

4 Major Ways Video Can Deliver Better Content Marketing Results

June 25, 2015

Using video is a golden opportunity to support your overall content strategy. It doesn’t have to become your number one content asset just yet. In fact, video is just fine taking a supporting role. Here are 4 ways video can help.

How To Decide What Cameras To Invest In

June 24, 2015

Deciding what camera to buy for your production company can be challenging.

3 Biggest Mistakes In Video Content Marketing

June 23, 2015

Stop producing content that you think your consumers want and listen to what they actually want. Your main goal of your video spend must be to turn your consumers into fans.

25 Facts You Need To Know About Video

June 8, 2015

Video content marketing is exploding and you need to be at the forefront of it. Here’s 25 stats that you absolutely must know.