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6 Life-Altering Quotes By Don Draper, The Fictitious Father Of Advertising

November 29, 2015

by Benjamin Potter | Creative Director, CLICKON Media Don Draper may not be a real person, but since his introduction to television screens in 2007, he has become the imaginary father of advertising for those starting out in the industry. And with good reason too. Don’s straight-talking, no-nonsense attitude, combined with a talent for creating […]

Creating A Legendary Content Strategy Is Easier Than You Think

November 29, 2015

Before publishing a single word of text or a second of video, formulating a content strategy is key to achieving your goals. This, of course, means identifying your goals in the first place.

How Native Content Can Dodge The Ad-Blocking Bullet

November 23, 2015

The one channel of advertising that seems to have avoid the dreaded ad blocking phenomenon is Native Advertising, commonly defined as “an ad that matches the look and feel of the host site.”

Millennials And Black Friday

November 23, 2015

According to Carrie Cummings from AdWeek, 93% of millennials plan on shopping on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

5 Reasons Native Content Will Help You Sell More Products In 2016

November 16, 2015

Balancing TV, digital and print budgets for 2016 can be challenging, especially with the speed at which advertising is gravitating towards storytelling narratives and not product-heavy content.

3 Ridiculously Simple Tips To Reach Millennials Through Content Marketing

November 12, 2015

Five years from the time you have read this email, Generation Y will total more than $1.4 trillion in spending power. For the content marketers that have read our tips on how to enhance your content to reach millennials, you will know by now the importance of adjusting your tactics to connect with this hugely influential group of people. Here are 3 very simple tips that will make your content resonate better with Generation Y so they view your brand positively.

An Idiot’s Guide To Content Marketing

November 7, 2015

Some of the biggest brands in the world still don’t understand content marketing, so why should you? This quick guide to content marketing will help you understand what it actually means, how to use it effectively and why the results can be epic if you get it right.

Director Frank Budgen Dies at 61

November 7, 2015

The “tunnel visioned, self-confessed obsessive” director with a substantial history of unusual, yet highly memorable commercials has passed away at the age of 61 from leukemia.

How Emotion is Key in Advertising

November 7, 2015

Emotions are ultimately what drives us to buy that new car, that cool new video game, or the smartphone with the 10,000 megapixel camera.