Monthly Archives: January 2016

7 Amazing Ways To Cultivate Team Collaboration Across 3 Time Zones

January 9, 2016

Most companies don’t have to grapple with organizing multiple teams on different continents until they grow up a bit. At CLICKON we have been fortunate enough to expand our team quite quickly but with that also came the need to be present in new time zones. The immediate challenge of ensuring a strong team environment spread across three cities and two countries was not something that any of us had encountered before.

5 Tips To Get Millennials Engaged With Your Products

January 1, 2016

In the unforgiving world of content marketing, millennials are becoming increasingly difficult to win over. Content is either inauthentic, too product-heavy or not worthy of social currency. Millennials are rejecting more and more forms of advertising and it’s causing serious headaches for brand managers who just want to sell products. So what is the best practice to get millennials engaged?