Monthly Archives: April 2016

Bringing Soccer Back to the Streets

April 22, 2016

Our latest production, Soccer God aims to introduce CLICKON Soccer to audiences in the Americas in a totally unique way. We want to separate this series from the clutter of other brands to reach millennials soccer players through shareable and entertaining content.

The Take Five, Five

April 22, 2016

Give this take five, five a shot on your next shoot.The results; a much more fluid and flawless final project.

Maintaining Consistent Voice Throughout Partner Projects

April 22, 2016

The production of Women With Drive has been a big moment for CLICKON. As it continues to spread across social media, it represents our brand and what we stand for. Who we collaborate with and what they stand for will back CLICKON’s image as we extend to new fans and audiences.

How To Launch A Pilot Project

April 22, 2016

These five steps were key to the launch of Women with Drive.

Top 5 Native Ads and Why They Stand Out

April 21, 2016

These sponsored ads topped our charts as they connected to fans in ways that made them simply irresistible to our team.

Hitting Home With Native Ads

April 18, 2016

At CLICKON we talk with our audience, not at them, and this experience extends to the way we incorporate advertisements across our sites.