5 Easy Ways To Increase Audience Engagement

July 7, 2016

Written by Jilayne Lovejoy | Director of Marketing | CLICKON Media 

1. Mixed media

The first and easiest way to bump up engagement is to incorporate multiple forms of media in your content. Publishing a written article? Embed tweets and Instagram posts that relate to your topic. The incorporation of native Facebook or Youtube videos will increase the time your reader stays on a page. Then, there is always the ever-powerful infographic to offer visitors a digestible form of your content. Keep in mind that everyone absorbs information in different ways. Some people benefit from reading paragraphs of information while others retain more through video or graphics. By breaking up content into multiple formats, your audience will be on their toes and looking for the next juicy bit of information offered.

Photo credit mememaker.net

Photo credit mememaker.net

2. Be Innovative

Life can be pretty mundane so add some spice to content with twists and turns that keep your audience guessing. Always push the boundaries. If it’s your job to produce blog posts, social media content, or video it can get dangerously easy to push the same old stuff day after day. It worked once so you do it again. Yes, you must maintain a consistent voice and brand, but that doesn’t mean you have to become a bore. Remind yourself with each new project to ask how it can be better, more interesting, more useful and inspirational to your audience.

Photo credit memecaptain.com

Photo credit memecaptain.com

3. Polls / Votes / Quizzes

With companies like Riddle it’s now so easy to incorporate interactive quizzes, polls and votes to your content. What better way to end an article than to offer your audience a more specific way to join the conversation. The comments section is great but only for die-hard readers who love to voice their opinions. Quizzes, polls and votes give readers an easy way to interact without too much effort. It’s an awesome way to learn more about your fans and allows you to improve your offering. Our writers regularly incorporate entertaining quizzes at the end of articles. For example, most recently we have asked our readers to vote on the golf Player of the Week each Monday. Results will be tallied at season end to announce Player of the Year.

4. Opinion

There is nothing like a strong opinion to stir up debate. Our content creators all have strong personalities and viewpoints that bleed into their articles. We encourage them to maintain a respectful tone while expressing their opinions. A lot of mean spirited comments come through. Some are down right nasty. But we have learned to shrug it off and focus on the great conversations that start through the sharing of a variety of viewpoints.

5. Contest or Sweepstakes

Offering people a chance to win prizes is a no-brainer. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or expensive. Even featuring a winner’s photo or name is sometimes all it takes to stir up participation. We love partnering with likeminded brands for prizing. Just last month we partnered with Swing Juice to give a lucky winner one of their awesome patriotic golf t-shirts.

What methods have you found to be most successful?