5 Reasons To Focus On Your Biggest Fans

June 27, 2016

Written By Jilayne Lovejoy | Director of Marketing | CLICKON Media 

When in doubt, focus efforts on engaging with your biggest fans. As a newer company working to grow a passionate audience, CLICKON places great importance on listening to viewers who interact with our content the most. We’ve learned countless lessons through speaking with our followers and we wish we could do so even more.

1. They offer the most insight into the health of your brand.

The most engaged fans/customers/viewers will always keep you informed of how a product can improve, or what they enjoy the most about it. Whether through comments, likes and shares, or feedback via polls and votes, pay attention to what they are saying to improve upon your offering. If you feel out of touch with your consumers, go to your biggest fans and start a conversation. 

2. They share your product more effectively than anyone else.

Your most engaged fans will always be the most passionate about sharing your stories and products with friends. They are deeply invested in your brand so it is all the more important to be sure to pay attention to their feedback. This will make them feel special and will continue to strengthen their ties with your brand. 

3. They will become your brand ambassadors.

If you decide to run a brand ambassador program, or to involve your audience in any extended manor, these are your people. Creating an ambassador program through these super fans is the most effective form of advertising you could ask for. Empowering your fans to spread the message of your company by making them feel part of the team can expand organic reach like no other approach can. 

4. They are a rich talent pool.

Are you looking for amazing people to fill an open position at your company? Talk to your most engaged fans. They already have an understanding of your message and are invested in the company. Instead of posting through job sites where the odds of finding a suitable addition are slim, write a post to your followers and watch as emails roll in from excited applicants. 

5. They have ideas for your products that you have not thought of.

Look into the comments sections on your social channels or even post a challenge to your fans to ask what your next product should be. Odds are they already have some awesome ideas that you would have thought of on your own. Make fans a part of your development process. Doing so will further increase their loyalty and excitement for your brand. 

How do you interact with your best customers?