5 Reasons Native Content Will Help You Sell More Products In 2016

November 16, 2015

by Benjamin Potter | Creative Director, CLICKON Media

Balancing TV, digital and print budgets for 2016 can be challenging, especially with the speed at which advertising is gravitating towards storytelling narratives and not product-heavy content. Here are 5 reasons why native content could be a game-changer for your brand in 2016:

1. Less Expensive, More Effective


Unlike TV or print advertising, native content is cheaper and the results are better. Whereas print or TV spots can set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars (and that’s not even including creative), native ads start at a much more reasonable price. For just $4,000 per article, advertisers on CLICKON Golf are guaranteed to get a minimum of 10,000 views within a week of the native ad being published.*

Perhaps more exciting to brands than the lower costs is the effectiveness of native ads. Relevant, likeable and sharable content generates 53% higher awareness than traditional display ads, while 32% of consumers said they would share native content, according to IPG Lab.

2. Bypasses Ad-Haters & Ad Blockers

adblock plus

Let’s be real. No one likes ads. Most of us today are blind to traditional adverts, and we do our damnedest to avoid them. With the introduction of ad blockers, consumers are now avoiding them altogether, sending both publishers and advertisers into freak-out mode. Rather than fighting these ad-haters (and ad blockers), why not engage with them in a less intrusive way through native content?

You want your 2016 products seen and shared by millions of people, and native ads are the best way to do this, unless of course you have millions of dollars to blow on a Super Bowl spot.

3. Helps Build Relationships 


Higher engagement and greater shareability creates opportunities for you to build relationships with consumers through interaction. By connecting your native content with a publisher’s audience, you are vastly improving your chances of that content being shared.

4. Grows Social Reach


Smartphones have made us digitally connected all day long, allowing advertisers to reach consumers infinitely. By integrating native ads into a user’s feed, you can grow your social reach seamlessly rather than shoving products down their throat. According to Business Insider, “native-social advertising will account for around 40% of social media ad spend by 2017.”

5. Measurability

In marketing and advertising, performance metrics are gold dust. Whereas traditional ads offer limited analytics, native content placement can provide you with information such as engagement, how much of the article was read, what pictures people clicked on, time spent on article, where that user went next, etc. This helps you identify how your consumers interact with your products and means you can tailor your next native ad accordingly.

*minimum order of $10,000