5 Times When The Advertising World Reached Out To Muhammed Ali

June 4, 2016

Written by Benjamin Potter | Creative Director | CLICKON Media 

To celebrate the amazing life of Muhammad Ali, who passed away at the age of 74 this week, we look at 5 of the greatest ads he was featured in. Brands were obsessed by his career that involved strong political positions such as opposing the Vietnam War, and a cockiness that was unrivalled by any of his rivals. 

Madison Avenue soon cottoned onto Ali, who became a frequent pitcher of products to American households. Over his storied career, he linked with brands such as Coke, Apple, Pizza Hit, Bird’s Eye and Gatorade to name just a few.

Bird’s Eye Quarter Pounder

In 1981, Ali helped sell Bird’s Eye Quarter Pounder burgers in a spot where “it takes a big mouth to eat a big burger.”

Apple’S “Here’s To The Crazy Ones”

Apple released arguably the greatest TV commercial of all time in 1997, using inspirational figures from Ali and Ghandi to Einstein and Jim Henson.

Adidas’ “Impossible Is Nothing”

In a stirring ad by TBWA, Adidas planted Ali in this 2004 commercial which became advertising gold soon after.

A Healthier America

Under Y&R’s creative, Ali was among the stars who campaigned for a Healthier America. The ad featured the importance of water to iconic people.

Porsche’s “Complete”

Porsche tapped Ali and a slew of other athletes in this emotional campaign made by Cramer-Krasselt.