5 Tips To Get Millennials Engaged With Your Products

January 1, 2016

Written by Benjamin Potter | Creative Director, CLICKON Media

In the unforgiving world of content marketing, millennials are becoming increasingly difficult to win over. Content is either inauthentic, too product-heavy or not worthy of social currency.  Millennials are rejecting more and more forms of advertising and it’s causing serious headaches for brand managers who just want to sell products. So what is the best practice to get millennials engaged?

1. Add, Don’t Withdraw From The Social Conversation

We share things that are top of mind, tip of tongue. That’s why quick, dynamic content works so effectively in today’s world. Yesterday’s news doesn’t cut it on social media.

Amazing content ideas go out of date quickly, so it’s important that brand managers and marketing execs jump on them before they evaporate into thin air.

“A social network is a living organism. It breathes in content, keeps what is nourishing, excretes what is useless and circulates what is relevant,” explained Mark Adams, SVP at Vice Media.

Create pathetic content and it flies out of the window in a heartbeat. Create meaningful content around trending conversations and you are adding value to the social organism that is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Tips: Have a creative team ready to produce content around a hot topic the moment the story breaks. Wait and you will always come in second place.

2. Create Emotional Stories – When We Care, We Share

Jog your memory back to 2009 when Susan Boyle auditioned on Britain’s Got Talent. As she took to the stage, the judges and the audience sniggered as this 40-something, oversized Scottish lady announced her dreams of becoming a famous singer. That was until she opened her mouth and belted out “I Dreamed A Dream” – in a voice that shook the nation and had the judges reduced to tears. 14 million people quickly watched that performance in the months that followed.

We share things that affect us emotionally. Susan Boyle touched millions of hearts because she was overcoming people’s assumptions all while acting out her own fantasy – to sing. By creating positive, inspirational stories that hit audiences in the gut, you will drastically improve the chances of it being shared to their friends and family.

3. Make Practical Content  That Is Actually Helpful

Millennials have been portrayed as a complex, difficult-to-penetrate group of people – which couldn’t actually be further from the truth. While they have certain demands from content marketers, they are in fact very similar in their wants and needs to Generation X. Just like their parents, this generation wants content that is practical and helpful.

Know your audience. Know what they want before you create content and waste precious marketing dollars. If you’re a golf brand, what are young golfers really craving? What are they talking about? Don’t assume they want content just because you think it’s cool. Same goes for every industry.

4. Ask Them Lots Of Questions 

When meeting people, I’m astounded by the amount of times I find myself asking them questions while they fail to do the same back. There’s nothing more frustrating than another person talking about themselves and  showing no interest in your life.

This feeling applies to consumers too. When brands fail to create a two-way dialogue and ask them about their lives, it switches them off.

5. The Millennial Is Not A Moron; He’s Your Best Friend

To extend Ogvily’s famous line to millennials, it couldn’t be more relevant today. Millennials aren’t a smarter or more accomplished generation, but they have been exposed to more information so they smell BS better than anyone. If you treat them like a moron and force-feed products down their throats, they WILL NOT listen.

Imagine having a conversation with your best friend. You understand them, therefore you know how to create a meaningful conversation with them. You’d never talk to him or her as if they were some kind of fool. The millennial consumer should be no different. Get to know them, treat them like your best friend and you will be surprised by how much affinity they will show you.