5 Tips to Make Your Videos Awesome

September 8, 2015

by Ian Cumming | Content Producer, CLICKON

Throughout the world, businesses are embracing video in their PR and marketing strategies—and with good reason. Thanks to the digital revolution and the explosion in mobile consumption, video content has become increasingly popular. It’s simply a great way to attract your audience, and educate them about your brand in a cool way.

Here are 5 tips to make videos that educate, captivate, and inspire:

1) Story, Story, Story

under armor
Incredible special effects and 8K cameras are nothing if you don’t start with a great story. Whether you’re making a 30 second spot or producing a 10 minute short film to advertise your brand, the story always triumphs. People relate to stories. People want to laugh, cry, and be inspired. Next time you create a video, remember that developing your story should always be your top priority.

2) Sound

sound operator
This might not be the most interesting tip, but there is no doubt that sound is incredibly important when it comes to creating great videos. Stunning visuals are worthless if your sound can’t match it. Invest in decent shotgun and wireless lavalier microphones, and remember that the closer the microphone is to your subject, the better your audio will be!

3) Use Sticks!


Your tripod is your best friend. Use it. Of course, there will be times where that shaky, out-of-control aesthetic might suit the content that you’re shooting, but more often than not, the tripod will be your go-to. Solid brands include Manfrotto and Sachtler.

4) Shoot Close

the shining

Getting good establishing shots is important, but the heart of worthy video content is in the close up. You’ll find that the best close ups compensate for wider shots. For example, you’re shooting a birthday party. You could shoot the video in a standard wide shot with a crowd of people for a relatively unemotional frame. Or, you could get a close-up of the birthday boy about to blow out his candles and capture the wonder in his face as he thinks of his wildest dreams. The choice is yours.

5) Storyboard

A visual aid makes it much easier for you and your team to share your vision. We know that the inner artist in you visualize this great story in your head, but the rest of your crew can’t! That’s why storyboards are so helpful. It also saves you time on set. Instead of trying to remember that you need that close-up, you can simply revert to your storyboard.