Become Legendary At Content Marketing By Helping Consumers, Not Selling To Them

September 13, 2015

by Benjamin Potter | Creative Director, CLICKON

Before CLICKON Media truly defined who it was, we would get asked by our clients to produce videos that put their products at the centrepiece. Being a group of young twenty-somethings, we made the mistake of obliging, creating content that didn’t form any sort of dialogue with consumers.

I wouldn’t call it a light-bulb moment, but we quickly realised that we – as consumers of mass marketing ourselves- were not inspired by content that sold something to us. When clients come to us now and ask us to create content that sells, we sit down with them and present case studies that prove this form of marketing is no longer effective. And if prospective clients cannot trust these case studies, we politely wish them luck with another agency.  Our mantra is simple. Authenticity rules. No matter what the project, we live by this mantra to ensure our work speaks honestly and directly to people.

These 3 tips will ensure your content marketing is authentic and resonates with audiences:

1. Instead of thrashing your product in consumers faces, why not create content that is actually helpful to their everyday needs? For example, instead of making videos about how awesome their new suitcases are, a travel bag brand should be creating content that assists people, such as how-to videos like best ways to pack a suitcase so your clothes don’t crease, or how to look like a seasoned traveller, for first-time travellers.

2. Start thinking like publishers, not advertisers. There’s a reason native advertising will eclipse traditional advertising by 2018. Audiences crave content that feels authentic, such as this brilliant Air New Zealand safety video:

3. Content marketing that focuses on the customer’s cravings incentivises them to share content with their friends and family, thus increasing reach, conversion, and possibly ROI. According to research by 32% of consumers said they would share a piece of content if it felt editorial and not promotional, according to IPG Media Lab.


NewsCred are the leaders in content marketing information. I follow their blogs and use much of their research when talking to both new and existing clients. Their definition of what content marketing is should be tattooed onto every marketers arm:

“Content marketing is the overlap between what brands want to say and what buyers are really interested in.” 

In a world where you are competing with pictures of kittens, babies and everything in between that is irresistibly cute, you must ensure that your content is both seen, read and shared. Brands such as Red Bull, Geico and Kraft have stated that content marketing delivers greater ROI than their traditional marketing efforts.

By creating effective content, you are earning your audience’s trust. Trust = sales.