Branding through Platform Design

May 17, 2016

Written by Anne McKinnon | CLICKON Media 

This week CLICKON completes the launch of its latest platform designs in addition to celebrating the launch of it’s latest vertical, CLICKON Motorsports.

“Our re-branding and platform re-design was based on two simple briefs. To redefine what CLICKON meant to its fans and the team that make it so great and to create a truly unique content viewing experience that pushed technological boundaries for our fans. Our team has worked tirelessly to completely reimagine and rebuild the UX as well as making it simpler for brands to integrate natively into a content rich environment. Especially as traditional advertising becomes redundant.”  –  Rich Wilson, CEO of CLICKON 

This is the second phase of our re-branding. Phase one involved a total overhaul of our logos in order to better align with our true brand values and audience.


More specifically, there were three main motivators behind these changes.

1. Branding: our logos and site design weren’t jiving with the CLICKON personality we wanted to portray. The site is now more modern, clean and striking in appearance along with new badass logos that we can’t get enough of.

2. User Experience: after months of collecting feedback from users it was the perfect time to make changes to improve the viewer experience. Most notably, we cleaned things up to be easier on the eyes yet exciting and impactful in comparison to the old layout. For example, the top of the site features a horizontal scroll of top trending stories that highlight on the touch to reveal the content title. Other improvements include speedier page load times, larger social buttons for constant easy access, and an easy to navigate menu. Superfluous pages were identified and eliminated allowing us to direct fans through the most impactful experience.


Social Media Buttons

3. Advertising – in order to better serve our clients, without interrupting the viewer, it was important to make improvements to sponsored sections and branded article pages. These pages will now feature large compelling images with bold titles and logo placement at top for greater impact. Sponsored pieces will have special placements on the homepage for easy user discovery and brand awareness.