Bringing Soccer Back to the Streets

April 22, 2016

Written by Anne McKinnon | CLICKON Media 

Our latest production, Soccer God, aims to introduce CLICKON Soccer to audiences in the Americas in a totally unique way. We want to separate this series from the clutter of other brands to reach millennials soccer players through shareable and entertaining content.

Unique to our Soccer God is that this God is an unidentifiable character. Soccer God wears a dark mask and is completely dressed in black. Our Soccer God could be anyone as they dribble through LA. Start guessing now, because we won’t be revealing his identity anytime soon.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.23.46 PM

Soccer God brings soccer back to the streets with a gritty edit and edgy camera angles that feel authentic. We chose the aesthetic to encourage our fans to take similar footage on their mobile phones or hand held cameras.

Not only are we bringing soccer back to the streets, we are also bringing back the fiesta to this celebration of soccer talent. The music and colors of the piece are Latino influenced, matching the vibe of an important demographic we’re targeting.


Soccer God

With 20% of the millennial base comprised of Hispanics, and our CLICKON Soccer fan base 100% soccer fans, this is a perfect fit for our millennial audience that is more diverse than any generation before.

While many articles on millennials say that this generation is misunderstood by media, millennails are really one of the most receptive audiences, are infinitely connected and expressive. With a keen eye for new and creative content, Soccer God by CLICKON Soccer has found its niche audience.