Building a Contributor Network 

June 16, 2016

Written by Anne McKinnon | Executive Assistant | CLICKON Media 

Over the past months our team set out to build a group of contributing writers and ambassadors to continue to bring new and passionate voices to the CLICKON mix. We want to give as many people as possible the chance to have their opinions and ideas heard and to further engage with all our fellow golf fans, gear heads and soccer fanatics. We thought it would be useful to outline the six-part process to build a contributor network for anyone who is eager to do the same.

1. Write an inspiring job post

This isn’t just any old job post. We wanted to attract people who were frothing at the mouth for a chance to publish their opinions about their favorite sport. So, our post clearly explained the need for an energetic, opinionated individual along with the basic requirements we were looking for such as writing skills, experience in the sport and level of contribution. The more personality that is conveyed here the better as it will in turn attract people with a similar vibe.

2. Establish vetting criteria

The first time we look at a resume, it must pass two very basic qualifications. The applicant must have some experience in writing (quality of CV and cover letter are great starts to determine competency in writing), knowledge in sports as well as a passion for sports. This will be reflected in their previous work experience, volunteer experience and hobbies. We also requested that applicants reply to a number of questions to help to draw out their unique personalities. The questions also give applicants the chance to tell more interesting details about themselves. We highly recommend creating a list of questions that help to identify the best candidates.

3. Create a candidate pipeline

It’s great to post the job on free boards such as indeed and monster. However, to target more specific candidates, we posted old fashioned flyers at local golf courses, speedways, soccer fields and other carefully selected locations where our fans are likely to spend their time. It gave us the opportunity to meet locals and build up strong relationships in our community. Additionally, we posted an article page and social posts to see who in our global audience would like to join our network of contributors.

4. Cultivate brand ambassadors

Our hope is that anyone who joins our team of writers will become a brand ambassador. Not only will they become a part of the voice for CLICKON through published articles, but they will also become THE voice for CLICKON within their social network. These contributors must be bold, rebellious, adventurous and opinionated in their writing style and in day to day life. They need to live and breath sports with a passion! If you plant to bring on ambassadors and contributors this is the key; identifying people who fit exactly into the tone your brand is trying to hit.

5. Give’m a little test

Each candidate that passes these initial steps is asked to submit a test article. By this point, we’ve narrowed down the pool of potential candidates considerably. I read over each article, and if it has potential it is passed on to our editor in chief.

6. Select final candidates

The time has arrived. At this point we get to notify those who we will bring on as contributors. This is the best part of the process and it’s fun to hear the excitement in people’s voices. These new brand ambassadors play an important role in growing our brand recognition and reach.

We are so pumped that at the number of people out there that want to write on the CLICKON sites and are excited to continue to expand the family of contributors. There will be a lot of CLICKON parties to celebrate this awesome group. We hope this is helpful to anyone looking to create a network of their own. Let us know what you think or if you just want to chat about how we set ours up.