Soccer Can at the Cannes Lions

June 27, 2016

Written By Anne McKinnon | Executive Assistant | CLICKON Media 

Our team had a blast looking through all the entrees for Cannes Lions this past week. With so many outstanding entrees, it must be very difficult for the judges to select winners.

On this side of the pond we had a vote and selected our two favorites in the media category.

Our first choice is an ad that includes a few of our favorites: soccer and beer.  This ad, The Dilemma, featuring Heineken, was entered by Starcom Mediavest Group, Milan. It resonates perfectly with soccer fans, beer lovers and tied into the brotherhood created by bonding over such events.

A bonus feature of this ad in comparison to other ads is its live component. The piece was pushed out on live TV and and occurred in real-time at the soccer stadium. It’s impact? Huge!

Our second pick is The Second Scoreboard created by Teletica, Inamu, and Fedefutbol, entered by J. Walter Thompson from Costa Rica.

This ad strikes a more serious tone. During a live soccer event, a second scoreboard was featured during the game to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Again, the ad was very effective due to its live coverage. It reached a wide audience, on the field, on social media, and at home.

We think these two ads were phenomenal. A top two to choose with absolutely no bias for the love of soccer…. 😉

At CLICKON we are always looking for ways to engage with our audience through creative integrations. We were inspired by the two campaigns above and can’t wait to brainstorm new innovative ideas of our own.