CLICKON Golf Smashes 1M Visits, Proves That The Sport Isn’t Dead

October 31, 2015

by Richard Wilson | CEO and Co-Founder, CLICKON Media

When we launched CLICKON Golf in July 2014, a team of three determined individuals sat around a table in New York and made a pact. We were going to make the game of golf younger, no matter how many people in the industry would try to shoot us down.

Wow, did people say we were nuts? Golf brands, magazines and media companies all did there best to discourage our tiny millennial website that barely had 10,000 visitors. Doubts raced through our heads. Perhaps our pitch was terrible. Or the website was too slow. We literally thought we were going crazy. Our team believed we could create the BuzzFeed of golf, and it would be the biggest, greatest thing ever. So we kept going.

clickon golf

Staying true to our core values, Summer 2015 became the start of an incredible journey for everyone at CLICKON. Our focus on listening and understanding our millennial audience, combined with great editorial, original content and investment in our core technology has led to our meteoric growth.

With three editors at the helm, CLICKON Golf began to publish more content each day. In July, we were posting 12-15 pieces of content p/d to the site. We listened. We listened some more.

clickon golf

By late summer, our traffic reached 250,000 millennials visiting the site each month. Perhaps they enjoyed the fresh, bold approach that we took to the game. Maybe they were like us in that they simply had nowhere else to find BuzzFeed inspired golf content. Whatever the reason, it gave our 12-strong team in New York and London the confidence to work harder.

Thanks to some absurdly funny copywriters working in our two offices, we just hit 1M visits in October 2015, putting our site almost level with Golf Digest which has been around since golf balls were being stuffed with feathers!

An enormous and heartfelt thank you has to go out to all of you that have graced CLICKON Golf with love and affection. Without your kind word-of-mouth marketing, we would not be in the position we find ourselves today.

Our mission for the future remains exactly the same as it was from the start. We feel it is our responsibility to grow this game to younger audiences worldwide and entertain them each day. With everyone’s continued support, we hope to make an even greater impact on golf fans’ lives and most importantly, put a smile on even more faces.

Our best is yet to come!