Content Trends

June 6, 2016

Written by Anne McKinnon| Executive Assistant | CLICKON Media 

Us millennials love and appreciate genuine hilarious moments caught on camera. Web space is filled with memes, gifs and short videos that are instant crack ups. We cannot seem to get our fill of these.

Gen y doesn’t have time to sit in for long haul entertainment day to day. Rush here, rush there- we need something we can scroll through quickly on our mobile for a laugh while moving from one task to the next.

We’re happy about this trend because it gives us the excuse to work on short, sweet and low budget projects between our longer projects.

This week our short-form project is The Effect of Alcohol on Penalty Kicks. If you consider soar stomach muscles from laughter a gauge of success this yet to be released gem will have you entertained.

Using 6 different camera angles the video jumps between vantage points giving the viewer a sense they are in the shoes of the star players (our lab rats) as they show their penalty kick skills on the soccer field.

The video’s style was chosen to be casual and quick with camera heights set at the same position someone would hold their phone when recording a video with friends.

Two stationary cameras on tripods captured penalty shots from behind and in front of the net, a DJI Phantom drone captured aerial footage, a hand held camera followed movement in and around the soccer field, and two GoPros (head mount and chest strap) swapped around between the soccer players perfectly capturing each and every roll-on-the-floor-laughing moment.

All together, this looks like a collage of clips from the participants and onlookers own mobile phone footage. Ok, well minus the drone footage.

Overall, our Effect of Alcohol on Penalty Kicks video is relatable yet unique, quick to view, low cost, and genuine – the perfect combo for our audience.