How To Create Killer Videos For Facebook

July 16, 2016

Written by Benjamin Potter | Creative Director, CLICKON

Mark Zuckerberg has made no secret in recent weeks of his ambitions for video, hinting his desire to usurp YouTube from its throne. With Facebook Live and 360 video being introduced this year – as well as an investment scheme for publishers to produce more video content – it’s clear where the future of Facebook lies.

As Facebook continues to drive greater engagement than ever before, now is the time to be creating video for its native player. At CLICKON, we are seeing impressive results in likes, shares and comments compared to other social channels.

As more brands and publisher transition away from YouTube towards Facebook in search of engagement, here are a few ways to increase their chances of success:


smartphone users

Out of the 1.49 billion monthly active users, 655 million of them only access Facebook via a mobile device. That equates to 44% of all users literally never touching the platform on their desktop. Make sure your video looks great on mobile screens. A few tips to do this are:

Don’t use small fonts – people can’t read them on mobile screens. If text-based graphics are important, make them stand out.

Closeups of your subject are much more effective than wide shots.

Keep the video under 1 minute. Your audience gets bored easily on their mobile screens, so make sure the “hook” happens in the first 5 seconds.

Vertical video is gaining popularity quickly. People don’t want to have to flip their phones.

Keep the content entertaining. Static interviews are no way to retain viewers. Nor are blatant advertising tactics such as holding on a product logo for more than 0.5 seconds.


While no one wants to read small text at the bottom of a video, 85% of all Facebook videos are played without sound. It makes sense to experiment with captions on your videos. Editing apps such as Magisto allow this. Facebook allows captions to be added on their tool page via .SRT files.

If captions aren’t your thing, engaging motion graphics that sum up the video in a few seconds help reiterate stats without forcing the viewer to use sound. The more actions you ask your viewer to take, the less they will engage.


Videos that perform strongly on Facebook are often successful because of a call-to-action. Some of the most successful publishers like Tastemade offer viewers with a recipe that’s easily replicable. If your viewers can gain something in their hectic lives by completing the video, they will be more likely to sit through it.

A simple teaser at the beginning that says “find out in a few seconds how to download this recipe” might be all you need to increase completion rates.


Facebook live_CLICKON

Facebook Live is becoming a bigger part of our video strategies heading into 2017. Play with ideas where the “live” element is better suited to your specific audience. As we continue to invest more heavily in our Studio at CLICKON Media, Facebook live will play a central role in our content marketing. Here are some of the benefits of shooting live, vs. pre-recorded:

It gives viewers a sense of authenticity unlike anything that pre-recorded could ever provide. Whether it be a presenter making a mistake on air or an unbiased shot of an iconic event, live video offers a truth unlike any other medium.

There is an adrenaline rush when you broadcast live, and there can be no retakes. It makes for compelling viewing. You never know what’s next.

Facebook will reward you for publishing live video. Your engagement will go through the roof if the content is good.