Creating A Legendary Content Strategy Is Easier Than You Think

November 29, 2015

by Benjamin Potter | Creative Director, CLICKON Media

Before publishing a single word of text or a second of video, formulating a content strategy is key to achieving your goals. This, of course, means identifying your goals in the first place. Don’t know exactly what your goals are? They usually fall into 3 categories:

Brand Awareness

Creating noise across social channels, publications and TV to put your brand on the map in a way it has never been before.


Creating content that affects the way people view your brand. Usually emotive or entertaining, consideration content is a major force in driving attitudinal shift towards your company.


Just like it sounds, this is content that helps the person interacting with it to take an action.

Your content marketing strategy should incorporate all of the above in different ways. A brand struggling to gain social traction may spend more on awareness than action, but each company’s needs are unique. One commonality across any content marketing strategy however is producing content that is appealing to the general public. How does one do this?

Appealing content falls into several categories, but the 4 that should matter to you are:

1. Entertaining Content

jeff gordon_pepsi

For B2C content marketing, especially to millennials, entertainment works better than anything. Content your target audience actually enjoys should be your number 1 goal when spending precious marketing dollars. Think Pepsi’s genius Jeff Gordon ad.

2. Informative Content

amy cuddy_ted talks

If you can create content that expands a topic your target audience is interested in, you are actually providing them knowledge and insight that is invaliable to them. Informative content is different from educative content in that it’s less instructional and more enlightening. Ted-Talks are a great example of informative content. If you haven’t already seen Amy Cuddy’s inspirational Ted Talk, it’s become the stuff of legends.

3. Inspirational Content

inspirational content_clickon golf

Creating content that elicits empathy from your target audience and inspires them can works wonders, especially in the social sphere among millennials. Inspirational content is often hard to create in text articles, so video is a better avenue to go here. An example that we at CLICKON Media found success with was Samantha Roberts’ Life Without Golf story. While playing a casual round of golf one day, the former SDSU Women’s Golf star received life-changing news – her brother had passed away in a tragic accident. Without the support of her family, friends and local golfing community, Sam’s road to finding happiness would’ve taken a much different path.

4. Educational Content

educational content

Perhaps not as well-suited to inspire millennials, educational content is still a useful medium that delivers instructions on a discipline your target audience wants to master. Educational content is often more popular with B2B companies. Wistia, the popular video hosting service, creates brilliant educational B2B content that we at CLICKON Media love.

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