Great Advertising Is All About Great Stories

August 10, 2015

by Ian Cumming | Content Producer, CLICKON

You’re a commercial director. Bacardi comes to you and asks you for a 2 minute commercial. What do you do? Whats your story? How are you going sell this product?

Forget Cadillac and the rich white man driving through the beautiful streets of downtown Los Angeles. Ignore the Tom Ford’s cologne that tells you with his fragrance you’ll get the girl. This type of video marketing is cliche, overdone, and just plain ridiculous. Most commercials do it wrong.

This one, did it right. Take a look below…

You’ll notice that director Sean Dunne never even ONCE mentions the brand in this commercial. Instead, he relies on a great story to help sell this product.

By the end of this short portrait, you empathize with the main character. You witnessed his transformation. You understand why he continues to work as a bartender. It’s not about the money, the alcohol, or even the money. It’s about the moment.

This commercial resonates with me because it’s an example of the kind of work that I aspire to make for prospective clients. It’s not about the product. It’s about how that product can improve your life. In this case, Bacardi is not just a liquor, it’s an opportunity; one that’ll bring you a better, more meaningful life. Story is everything, and creative agencies must remember this when trying to reach their huge audience on a deep and emotional level.