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June 7, 2016

Written by Jilayne Lovejoy | Director of Marketing | CLICKON Media 

We must admit, we’ve been indecisive about display advertising over the past year. When CLICKON started, our vision was to steer clear of offering standard display in favor of sponsored and native content.

As time passed we were also under pressure to earn consistent revenue so the topic of display kept rearing its annoying little head as one way to bring in consistent cash flow while growing our audience. After many internal discussions we decided to test them out on our sites. There were many reasons NOT to run display ads that we previously documented on our blog here. We had done lots of research on the subject but in the end wanted to see first hand how our audience would respond and how it would affect their engagement and retention. So after months of deliberation we tested out two different programatic services and started to experiment with placements all while analyzing user activity.

After 3 months of testing we’ve already said goodbye to programatic display. During the test our bounce rate increased and time on site decreased. No bueno. Not to mention consistent feedback funneled in that the units were annoying, intrusive and the sites were more enjoyable without them. The kicker is that the revenue brought in from programatic display did not outweigh the negative effect it had on our audience.

Too Much Display

So, we are back to where we started but armed with more knowledge and experience. Going forward we will not be completely void of display placements. These will run in-feed units through client direct relationships only and 300 x 250’s will appear while scrolling through articles. We will continue to experiment with new types of placements in the future to maximize user satisfaction as well as to provide effective products to our partners.

What are your thoughts and experiences with display advertising? Do you think it still serves a purpose? Do drawbacks outweigh benefits?