How To Launch A Pilot Project

April 22, 2016

Written by Anne McKinnon| CLICKON Media 

This morning we launched one of our pilot projects, Women with Drivea 4-part series that positions young female golfers as strong, independent athletes who view golf as a crucial part of their lives. It shatters the stereotypes placed on female golfers by highlighting their passion for golf in a fun, youthful, and unique way. 

The idea for Women With Drive was coined in a few days when CLICKON teamed up with GolfMatch to discuss how to grow the women’s game through an impactful and entertaining video. Produced as a homepage feature on CLICKON Golf, Women With Golf disputes the idea that women athletes have to adapt to a culture that tells them to shut up and look pretty.

The rapid six-week time period from ideation to distribution followed a careful strategy that made the project such a success.

These five steps were key to the launch of Women with Drive.

1. Provide sneak peaks with an element of mystery. We posted previews through CLICKON Golf’s social channels, including Facebook and Snapchat. The nine women in this project were very involved with the use of their own Instagram and Snapchat accounts to post pictures and short videos with the hashtag WWD. Only at the end of production did we allow the full name to be released, Women With Drive. Followers were curious about WWD and what the project stood for. Curiosity is one of the best ways to stimulate social conversations. When WWD became Women With Drive, this was a catalyst to a second wave of social conversation and hype about Women With Drive.

2. Post across multiple social media accounts. Our nine Women With Drive are all members of GolfMatch, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to name just a few.  Posting on multiple platforms was a way to ensure that this project reached all of our golf fans. In fact, we reached over 10m people through our collective accounts!

3. Involve participants and crew to create hype. We created interactive posts on social media to engage fans. For example, we had fun competitions such as decorate a picture from our snapchat and send it back to us. The best image would be posted to our various social media accounts.

4. Choose a strategic Launch date. Three weeks from production to release was the perfect timeline to complete the video as well as to continue the social media hype and mystery on WWD. We also worked with Golf Babes in the process to rename their platform to Women With Drive (see next post) which was integral to the overall message of this pilot project.

WWD Image

5. Strategic post time. We posted the video on our Facebook page the night before the official release. This was a great way to see how many views the video would have naturally (26K views overnight). An accompanying article has now also been posted with the video which marked the official release. Women With Drive can now be accessed across several platforms. 

We are excited to follow the release of Women With Drive. Over the next week the CLICKON team will identify where we succeeded and where we can improve. Tell us about your trials and tribulations launching new content. We’d love to have your feedback too.