Maintaining Consistent Voice Throughout Partner Projects

April 22, 2016

Written by Anne McKinnon|CLICKON Media 

Recently CLICKON Media partnered with GolfMatch and Golf Babes to produce Women With Drive. This video series documents the lives of strong, independent young female golfers who are following their dreams in spite of the world of sport continuing to focus on physical attractiveness as the most important judge of a female athlete’s worth.

This first video of Women With Drive gave our team the opportunity to introduce this group of women who shatter the stereotype that female golfers have to adapt to a culture that tells them to shut up and look pretty.

Women With Drive follows nine women as they meet up in the desert of Arizona to play golf, bond, and talk about the future of the sport for women. This is the first time many of the them meet, although they had all been previously acquainted through GolfMatch and GolfBabes.

Going into the project we knew that delivering a clear and consistent message across all stakeholder social accounts and sites would be a challenge throughout production and upon launch of the project.

Over the weekend shoot we spent time speaking with the golfers about the importance of messaging and branding. It quickly became apparent that the name ‘Golf Babes’ was not actually helping women in golf but rather furthering the damaging dialogue that women should be judged based on looks first. The women that came together in Scottsdale wanted to convey a message of empowerment and to set a positive example for other women out there.

Golf Swing

With this in mind we spent time collaborating with GolfBabes to determine the best way forward. In conjunction with the release of the first video, GolfBabes changed their name to Women With Drive, along with an updated logo.

With over 146,000 followers, the Golf Babes Instagram account was already established and a name change would come with both positive and negative results. Within the first 24 hours comments on each new post were 99.9% positive.


The production of Women With Drive was complex with multiple brands involved, 9 women and an entire force of female golfers waiting anxiously to see the outcome. As the video and message of Women With Drive continues to spread across social media, we look forward to the results of the collaborative process and will continue to monitor responses to the name change and messaging of the video.

Going into all projects it’s imperative to not only understand the current messaging of partners but to create a cohesive vision of messaging that benefits each party. The ability to communicate this vision effectively to facilitate change is paramount.