‘Must Have’ Camera Gear

July 18, 2016

Written by Ian Cumming | Videographer | CLICKON Media 

As a team of renegade story tellers here at CLICKON, we push to produce nothing but outstanding content. Our focus is to capture compelling stories on film. We constantly strive to innovate our video production techniques in order to create content that captivates our audience. To do this, we need a talented team of opinionated writers and filmmakers. What do filmmakers need? Gear. I’ve written about this before and I’ll keep updating you all each time we bring in new production toys that I think are worth knowing about. 

Recently we did a bit of shopping and picked up some awesome new camera gear that will elevate our status as a leading sports publisher. Sports footage is a completely different ballgame (pun intended). Due to the speed of athletes and changing weather conditions there’s little time to ensure the highest quality lighting. Whether it’s capturing the high-octane, rough movement of a futsol player running to the goal on hard pavement, or capturing a Hollywood stunt driver doing reverse 180s on an airport landing strip from the inside of a traveling police car, the camera technology must meet the filmmaker’s needs.

Sony A7s ii

The first of these awesome cinematic technologies is the deceivingly powerful Sony A7s ii. A slight upgrade from the A7s, the A7s ii shoots internal 4K, and might I say, it is gorgeous. For its size, the sharpness of the camera is incredible, and its high ISO capabilities with minimal noise inspires me to shoot more footage at night, rather than planning around it. To create an even bigger workhorse, we pair the camera with the Shogun Flame by Atomos. With this external recorder, we can shoot straight to ProRes, which allows a larger spectrum of color flexibility in post-production.


Another awesome device we’ve acquired is the Ronin-M, made by DJI (notable for their drones). Let me tell you straight up that this is hands down one of my favorite pieces of equipment we have here at CLICKON. It’s essentially a stabilizer system that turns shaky handheld footage into beautifully smooth tracking shots. 

Phantom 4 Drone

The cream of the crop, of course, is the Phantom 4 Drone, also made by DJI. This sexy alien hovercraft takes your videos to the next level. With 3.1 miles (5Km) of range, and highest video capabilities of 4K at 30FPS, this thing is just bad-ass. The only thing you’re missing at this point is a pyrotechnic team, then you’re good to go. See “Street Shot Series” on youtube, and you’ll know what I mean.

While it’s awesome to have extraordinary camera gear, knowing how to use it, is only a small part of filmmaking. A good story comes first, and that is ultimately what your audience remembers. Just because you have a plethora of explosions and super-saturated mega-robots fighting in slow-motion, doesn’t mean you have a good movie. It means you have a lot of money. Find your story first. The rest will come easily.