Our Take: The Best Video Editing Apps

July 2, 2015

by Jilayne Lovejoy | Director of Marketing, CLICKON

The power of UGC style content is undeniable. High-polished, big-budget productions serve their purpose but the authenticity of content captured through mobile devices is powerful. UGC is 20% more influential and 35% more memorable than any other types of media, according to Mashable.

There is a catch though: just because you are shooting on an iPhone doesn’t mean you can simply point and shoot. Even the simplest video made on your phone must be thought out as seen in Snap Chat CEO, Evan Spiegel’s recent video. Spiegel made an extremely simple, low quality video explaining Snapchat to millennial parents. Why did he choose this format? Maybe because he knew that the casual approach would have a more conversational feel and not intimidate the less tech savvy generation. Whatever his reasoning, his choice definitely got people talking.

Point is, when you grab your phone to shoot it doesn’t mean that strategy goes out the window because it’s not a big budget project. Any video you create has a place in the overall content plan and must be well thought out in terms of style, sound and scripting. To help in your UGC style content endeavors this is our list of favorite editing apps to get your videos looking sharp on the fly.

  1. Hyperlapse: The people of Instagram did it again. They made a super simple app that packs a big punch with it’s steady cam smoothness and footage speed options. This one is great to use when you want to show the momentum of an event, a project from beginning to end or timelapse.
  2. Clipper: This app is a great tool if you are looking for quick edits on the fly when you are away from the computer. Take advantage of this one if you need to post things quick from a live event.
  3. Pinnacle Studio: If you are looking for something slightly more advanced then this is it. With video, audio and photo capabilities this app also allows you to create soundtracks, storyboards, animation and more.
  4. Crop Video Square: Ahh what a relief to have an app that lets you perfectly crop videos for Instagram. This app makes it easy to choose the best part of the frame and get it posted quickly.
  5. PicPlayPost: Watch out because this one is addicting. If you’re looking to do something different, i.e. make a collage of videos that play in unison, then this is your newest toy. Have fun.

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if you have other video editing apps that work well on the go.