Thinking Outside The…Trailer

July 18, 2016

Written by Anne McKinnon | Executive Assistant | CLICKON Media 

Looks like the people over at Coke listened to the horrified cries of fans after their first video featuring Jordan Spieth flopped. The video showed no signs of authenticity or creativity. How did the concept let alone the final video ever get approved?!

We were all very happy and relieved to see a much more compelling bit of content the Coca-Cola team posted earlier this month. It features the young superstar tackling trick shots in a his trailer like a boss.

The production team was supposed to be out on the course that day, but the weather decided otherwise washing out their original plans.

After waiting to see if the rain would slow, the innovative team decided to get creative.

Take a look at what they did:

It’s simple, fun, interesting and new. Most of all it feels like you are right there with him hanging out in the trailer.

When you can’t go outside the box, be creative in the box.