How to win advertising budget for digital video content

May 23, 2016

Written by Anne McKinnon| CLICKON Media 

According to the 2016 IAM Video Ad Spend Study, ad spending on original digital video programming has increased 114% since 2014.

Within this statistic, nearly one third of original digital video content dollars are allocated to native advertising spend.

The catch is that most companies don’t want to lessen their current TV advertising spend. While they are interested in future investments in digital video, this is a new budget on tighter strings.

CLICKON Media has closely surveyed recent trends in advertising spend and digital content to find the best way to tackle this dilemma. Out of the 2016 Video Ad Spend Study, a few key pointers stood out that have worked for us.

First, return on interest needs to be guaranteed.

Most of our digital video content is produced prior to sponsorship. Then it is sent out to clients for bids, or as an example of what we can accomplish for their brand.

This preview is more than a promise of what we can do. When digital video budget is competing with TV, we need to show that original digital video is an essential component of their overall video strategy.

With high interest in native advertising, this is also a way to demonstrate to companies how we can natively incorporate their products into digital video content.

Second, the content needs to be of quality and executed with ease. It will represent our client’s brand. This is the initial filter buyers will apply as they sift through content.

Any extra costs incurred to attain the best production equipment is worth the return. High quality content that is flawlessly produced is our foot in the door to winning digital video content contracts.

Adherence to these two main points have worked well for CLICKON.  In what ways has your company actively worked to attract spend from other media to digital video content?