Relationships… the insider details

May 23, 2016

Written by Anne McKinnon| CLICKON Media 

Recently CLICKON has worked to form a strong relationship with the press. Very quickly we realized that this is easier said than done.

The initial mistake was when we thought they were just as excited about our story and what we stand for as we are.

No matter how beautifully written and detailed the story of who we are and why the company was founded, this approach reached a dead end.

With the use of Yesware (a program separate from our sales team), the emails were tracked, opened by the recipient, followed up on… and ignored.

Our new CSO came to the rescue. He has previously managed several start-up media platforms and frequently ran into the same issue.

After several different strategies, one approach came out on top.

Like most relationships, the press didn’t just want to hear us tell them about who we are. They wanted to know what we do, who we work with and why. The insider details.

For example, our last original content release, Women With Drive, is a powerful piece that introduces nine women who are changing the future of golf.

Women With Drive goes beyond our brand. It emotionally connects viewers to the nine women who break golf stereotypes. We show their past, present, and future, obstacles they’ve faced and their determination to reach the top. These women are incredible.

This is the type of story the press are looking for. They can look up all the other details about our story. Women With Drive on the other hand, is significant, interesting and new. Check, check and check for the type of relationship we need to offer.

Each relationship has its own quirks. What has your experience been in establishing a relationship with the press?