Selecting Content Topics

June 20, 2016

Written by Anne McKinnon | Executive Assistant | CLICKON Media 

As content producers we are constantly faced with the question of which topics to cover… or not. We don’t have firm guidelines on how we select subjects but we do have 3 questions to narrow down the options.

1. Is the subject matter topical?

This is the most important qualifier, as we want to ensure that our videos and articles add to the audience’s existing conversation. For example, for the past two months our team has been following the street soccer team bola. We decided to dedicate time to create a documentary on this unique group of athletes after identifying street soccer as an up and coming movement within the broader world of soccer. Street soccer is not a brand new phenomena but it is gaining momentum and attention globally.

2. Will the content bring something new to light?

Looking back over the past few years there are some awesome videos featuring the talents of street soccer players but there weren’t any story-driven pieces delving into their world.

After an introduction to team bola through Alex Mendoza, perhaps the best soccer freestyler in the US, our entire team was captivated by their passion for a little known sport and how the team came to be.  Bola has been immersed in the street soccer community for several years. They know the roots of street soccer, understand the game and are passionate to share their love of the sport with others.

3. How invested are your subjects in the production?

If the people you are filming are less than 100% invested in the project then it probably isn’t the right project. You might be extremely passionate and eager to tell the story but if your subject is half in and half out then it will make the production project very difficult and will show in the final edit.

We were lucky that each of the bola members were fully onboard with the documentary we envisioned and comfortable with cameras following them around. They are passionate about street soccer and laser focused on seeing it progress globally. Each of the team members are striving to develop a career in the sport and therefore were eager to participate in the filming of the documentary.

These three questions help us to determine whether or not to begin an original content project. In the case of Team bola it was a bonus they were so generous and professional throughout the process. It was such a pleasure working with them that we decided to sponsor their jerseys for the Red Bull Championships in Miami this past weekend. The decision to provide sponsorship worked out well. They made it to the quarterfinals and received a great deal of media attention.


How do you determine the best investment of your time and budget when it comes to original or sponsored content?