The Take Five, Five

April 22, 2016

Written by Anne McKinnon| CLICKON Media 

Over the past weekend the CLICKON team produced Soccer God, an original content series by CLICKON Soccer about a mysterious man dressed in a mask who is one of the world’s greatest freestylers with the ball.

Soccer God is an ode to the greatest cities in the Americas, giving fans an eye-catching look at these incredible destinations through the lens of a soccer magician. The first of the series is set against the backdrop of iconic LA landmarks, where our masked man dances his way past the public as they watch in awe.

On a tight weekend production schedule with multiple filming locations, there is no time to loop back for re-shoots or to capture a landmark that is far beyond the reach of the production schedule’s minute hands.

A study by Muse says that a 17 minute break every 52 minutes creates the most productivity in a day. Can you remember the last time there were regularly scheduled breaks this often? Even less often on weekend productions.

To compensate for a break schedule of about 1/3 of an hour downtime each hour, CLICKON created the new 5 second break each time we moved on to a new location.

It’s astonishing how these production breaks created a sufficient period for everyone to re-cap and re-visit to produce amazing content.

The take five, five incorporated the following few but important questions:

1. Did we capture what we wanted at this location?
2. Do we have a transition scene?
3. Is there anything you need to re-shoot?
4. Is all equipment functioning properly?
5. Is there anything you need?

Give this take five, five a shot on your next shoot. Or variations of the take five, five can be incorporated to any office venture on a tight timeline. The results; a much more fluid and flawless final project.