The Awkward Truth About Facebook Fan Bases

June 27, 2016

Written by Benjamin Potter | Creative Director, CLICKON Media

Before spending advertising dollars on a web property, the first place you probably go to is their Facebook page to verify if they’re truly legit when it comes to social reach. You land on their page and smile blissfully as you see millions of Facebook likes. It’s time to cut them a deal, you think. The site reaches 5.5m people every time they post. They are about to make you look like a boss in front of your own boss, right? Wrong.

No matter how many fans you have on a Facebook page, your posts may never appear on a large portion of their walls thanks to the mysterious algorithm that no one fully understands. Facebook is a b2c platform at the end of the day, and if your content isn’t remarkable, they will ensure it doesn’t distract users from the slick experience that the platform offers. Twitter looks ready to use a similar algorithm soon, according to insiders close to now-frail tech giant.

Social media fans and followers really don’t mean a whole lot these days, and you’re better off spending marketing dollars to create amazing content. It’s this content – coupled with a smart social media distribution strategy – that will live in peoples news feeds for days to come. Create quality content and Facebook will be your best friend. Produce click-bait garbage and your content will float around in the infinite abyss of Facebook’s “dead zone.”

Despite only having circa 300,000 Facebook fans on CLICKON, we reached over 75 million news feeds in the month of April, thanks to some sharable content that tied perfectly into trending conversations. One example was this, in the wake of Danny Willett’s Masters victory:

Facebook fans are merely a vanity number. When checking out sites you’re about to spend money on, delve deeper into post engagement. If it’s your own Facebook page you’re working on, think about a content strategy that will work for your core consumer, then use the simple but effective Facebook ad targeting to push that content out. You’ll quickly see a much greater return on your spend.