The most powerful asset in a video: authenticity

September 3, 2015

by Jilayne Lovejoy | Director of Marketing, CLICKON

Viewers these days are savvy. They can usually smell bologna from a mile away which means your marketing, more so than ever, must always come from a place of authenticity else these potential customers will loose trust in your brand. Building trust with viewers is the ultimate pathway to brand loyalty and of course, sales.

So, how do you ensure that these skeptical viewers will trust your content? There are several ways to do this but we will just give you our favorite approach at the moment: UGC content from influencers and global team members. Sounds simple right? Well, sometimes it can get pretty tricky with these influencers or team members trying to send large video files through transfer services or email.

Nike Golf’s “Ripple” commercial didn’t speak about the brand’s products, but it captivated young golfers across the world. 

When directions for a UGC project are sent to participants via email it’s hard for them to have an understanding of what they are contributing to and difficult to organize for editing. 100% participation rate is rare on UGC projects when people are scattered around the globe so project organization and motivation are key.

Our team has invested in a system to generate this type of content in an easier way than ever called CLICKON Capture App. Developed with London tech company SeenIt, this app allows you to turn your global team into film crews at your fingertips. Do you have athletes across the world competing in a tournament or fashion influencers in far away cities?

No problem, they can download the app, click on the project you set up for them and follow the instructions of the content you would like them to create. It’s as easy as them pushing record and upload for their footage to be captured in the backend dashboard that you can view in realtime on the other side of the world. All footage, from each participant, funnels into the same place for your editors to download.

capture app
The CLICKON Capture app makes it possible to turn your global staff into a film crew

By making it this easy for your participants you can get even better, more authentic, behind the scenes footage than ever before.