Why Great Content Ideas Need To Be Executed Quickly

October 21, 2015

by Benjamin Potter | Creative Director, CLICKON 

Great content ideas don’t come from boardrooms. Great content ideas don’t take months to be created. Great content ideas don’t need to cost a boat-load of money. Most importantly, great content ideas  go out of date quickly, so it’s important you jump on them before they evaporate into the rancid cloud that I like to call “corporate bureaucracy.”

As the advertising world continues to evolve faster than Jeff Gordon’s 24 car, brands have to pay more attention to what the best content marketers are doing. When Pepsi coined the idea to disguise Jeff Gordon as a normal guy test-driving a Camaro, the process of getting such an outrageous ad approved was… instantaneous.

The idea was pitched to Simon Lowden, CMO at Pepsi Beverages, who gave the proposal a resounding “yes’ the moment he heard it. A concept as insane as “Test Drive” would normally have taken months, if not years, to get approved, but time simply wasn’t an option. Pepsi decided to skip any copy testing and put the ad straight into production.

The result? The 2013 ad drew hundreds of million of views, becoming an instant viral hit that continues to be discussed today (hence why Advertising Age just mentioned it in splendid two-page feature on copy testing).

“Test Drive” highlights the need to create content in today’s socially-driven world that is topical and relevant. If you have a big idea, sometimes the only way to execute it is to bypass the bureaucracy that comes with it. At CLICKON Media, we tell our clients that the most important pieces of content are those that are socially current. Whether it be around sporting spectacles such as the Rio Olympics or NASCAR Sprint Cup, clients simply don’t have time to hesitate.

As audiences crave advertising that is sharable, topical and relevant to their lives, it is putting less emphasis on the need for lengthy approval processes. What does a boardroom full of executives really know about how to connect with social media-driven consumers where social currency is king?

For bigger campaigns with substantial media dollars behind them, of course it makes sense to mull the decision process over. But these campaigns are becoming less effective as smaller, story-driven content is creating more earned media, like “Test Drive.” For content marketers in limbo, look closer at the way content is being shared online and you’ll notice some common themes. It usually hits these 5 standard practices:

Social Currency: will sharing the content make consumers look good?

Triggers: consumers share things that are top of mind, tip of tongue.

Emotion: when consumers care, we share – does the content strike an emotional chord with them?

Practical Value: is the content helpful and relevant?

Stories: strong narratives get consumers talking – does the content live in bar conversations well into the night?

Ask yourself this if you’re a content marketer: to hit any of the 5 points above, can you really afford to spend months debating whether it is a good or bad idea? If it feels right the moment you hear it, it may very well be the “one.”